Blog | Reflections – From where does knowledge come?

Reflections – From where does knowledge come?

Early one foggy Tule morning, before the drone of  honey bees venture out from their hives, something from deep within these Matilija poppies begins to stir in anticipation. Slowly as they unfold themselves, their invisible arms open, releasing wisps of tempting nectar into the pre-dawn air where they linger, waiting patiently.  Gradually golden pistils and stamen stretch and dance warming up for the arrival of their lovers. Can someone help me understand from where their knowing comes?


  1. maria

    knowledge can only come from LIGHT. AND LIGHT is like a prism, goes in my directions

  2. Peter

    We are not capable of knowing. As Albert Einstein said: “He who is not rapt in awe is as good as dead.”

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