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  • Your work is so moving to me! I have loved still life since first taking art classes in high school many years ago and have done many forms of art since but always come back to the beauty of really SEEING things we might take for granted around us. Your works takes this to a level that really touches my soul and makes me feel hope and the presence of magic. I feel a physical sense of awe when I look at your work. Thank you for showing us that this world is a beautiful place.

    Patty W.
  • The beauty in everyday life. Love this!

  • This is a stunning web site Peter. You have such a fine and varied sensibility. The color, style, design and texture of your work is rich and delicious. What a delight to look through your photo history and enjoy the feast.

    Frances F.
  • Peter, these images are so thoughtful and your experiences of life show through them, thank you for sharing then with the rest of us.

  • Just love your work Peter. The style of photography you produce is just about exactly what I find totally appealling. I look to other photographers for inspiration to get me out there and see the world as they do. You have certainly stimulated me. Today you introduced me to the concept of ScanArt. So simple, novel, and beautiful.

  • When I saw your Luminescent Botanicals at a show, I fell in love with them immediately.
    Somehow the light reflected from the images reminds me of the lighting in a Vermeer painting.
    The quality of your work is so special.
    The flowers against a black background make the colors of your work sings with LIFE.
    Looking forward to see where you go from here.

    Rits R.
  • Thanks, Peter, for this glorious work. You’ve introduced me to a new term–“scanography”–and a new level of vitality in two-dimensional work. Warning to anyone looking at this website without experiencing the works in person: imagine if you could taste-touch-smell the scanned images you see here. That’s more what the experience is really like. That experience doesn’t translate to this screen unfortunately.

    Marc S
  • This man’s work is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL !! I can’t stop staring at his work whenever I attend the Art at the Source and ARTrails events held in Sebastopol each year. I have brought others w/ me, and they ended up making a purchase. Make sure to look at his gallery of work here on his site if you can’t attend the above two events this year. You too will find yourself “staring” w/ amazement at his gift of artwork!!

    Patty M
  • I love this – it is energizing and yet calming simultaneously. Colors and composition are exquisitely natural and most satisfying. Thank you for sharing your talent

    Barbara M
  • I just have to say that this collection is amazing! The Luminescent Botanticals are beautiful beyond words. And the creativity and composition is terrific! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this site… I am in awe!