My son Zac has been a great co-creator. His work in the digital darkroom has been invaluable in terms of image enhancement, color management, and removal of dust, pollen and detritus. Besides that, it’s been fun working side-by-side including a little arguing for one point of view or another at times. He also played the major role in developing this website. During Open Studio times our whole family pitches in and I’m ever so grateful for the good feelings of togetherness and help that has come from my wife Beth and daughter Kaela’s participation. I also wish to acknowledge the talent and generosity of Tim Fleming, a Petaluma photographer, whose work I was struck with a decade or so ago and who willingly shared his technique during an Art Trails visit to his studio. Tim’s work has definitely influenced mine. It is also important to acknowledge Art At The Source and Sonoma County Art Trails not only for providing opportunities for artists, but for the emphasis on education of the public and visitors so we can all learn to find ways to express and enjoy art in all it’s forms. I likely never would have had the opportunity to develop my own art without this policy of education.

I would be remiss to not acknowledge the important role of the following people in supporting the arts in Sonoma County: Linda Galletta, E.D. of the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, her wonderful staff, Board of Directors, the steering committees and all the volunteers that the Open Studios events are graced with. A special shout-out to Robert Brent, Catherine Devriese and the docents. As the cliche goes, "last but not least", thanks to the thousands of visitors who have visited our PhotoGraphica Krohn studios, you have inspired us as much as we have heard that mutual acknowledgement from you.